Henry Anglas Tattoo


The incredible thing about this process is that not only is it the first time I have made this type of murals, where the canvas is the four walls and ceiling of a room, but I had the freedom to choose what to express within it.

My inspiration was my brother Frank Anglas, as he is and will be my entire life. My mentor, my great motivation, a person who is always with me in every brushstroke, in every stroke of ink on the skin, in every form of art I make. This mural is a tribute to him, my greatest admiration.


The elements that I chose to compose the mural tell the hard path that he had to go through throughout his life.

The boat represents travel, something he loves to do. And at the same time it symbolizes the direction, your focus on doing what you are passionate about, on learning and listening to yourself. Although the waters may be turbulent at times, its north is well defined.

The man with the hood personifies our destiny and how we create it with the steps we take. A teacher who guides us is this journey that is life, just as he guides me.


The skull, one can fall into simplicity and relate it to death, but my gaze is set on equality, that under our skin we are all equal, there is no distinction of gender, race, age, or social status. The Empress tarot card represents our mother, the most important person for us, the pillar of our family. And of course, the portrait of Frank could not be missing.

As if that were not enough, I was lucky enough to be able to stay there while I did it. It was a unique experience to be able to sleep and wake up wrapped in this story that I have to tell, immersed in memories and emotions, reinforcing a bond that will never be broken.

I invite you to visit room 8C by Henry Anglas at the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York.


It is a hotel in the center of New York with a marked artistic spirit. Murals, works of art and paintings decorate all spaces. Each room is intervened by a different artist. And each artist has the freedom to express their art in the way they want within this space.

In my case, I was able to live the experience of intervening in room 8C and for me it was an unforgettable experience.